lời bài hát ngọt cho tôi lang thang

Where the world reunites

Did you hear that?

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The squeal calls soul

It resounded around here

Wandering day!

In the dream no veston no tie

Not much complaining, even though I often dream about Da Lat

Go for long journeys for silver colored shoulders

So when we change clothes, look back has become shape

There is no difficult way, only the foot is hindering the way

At the kết thúc of the road, there was the sun, rise and waved the night away

the sunshine is the color of life, tomorrow we grow into a tall tree

and when the wind lulls the source, oh my being here yesterday?

still walking, smile on my lips as a passport

packing the tuy vậy in luggage because lack of it, I'm not willingly

add a little peace, wrapped in love

I'm looking for the eye of the storm because the storm is relieved, and I'm still

let bu only wander đồ sộ so sánh that the music of life is not out of tune

The human heart is as deep as the sky, who measures, whether?

how far, in the middle of a deserted road

If one that day I'm thirsty, that day I still wander!

Where the world reunites

Did you hear that?

The squeal calls soul

It resounded around here

If you ask until now why am I still fluffy?

"Because I want đồ sộ put dust on bu đồ sộ the soul đồ sộ be less childish"

Because life is fair, just once đồ sộ live

People dream about home page, and I dream about mountains and rivers

There will also come a day when hair is lượt thích white clouds

Then you will regret getting old when your life is now too short

Youth sleep buried warm blankets, life lượt thích forever winter

So I spent my life in the sun and wind lượt thích a wild animal

Which way can go? which forehead is still wrinkled?

I want đồ sộ share a cigarette with bu đồ sộ make Can Chai smog

Because our country is still strange, don't need for a foreign country

Setting foot on all areas is a dream I dream of

I don't consider myself a romantic, have gone much anywhere

I don't think I'm an artist, I've written a few sentences

Not as miễn phí as DsK

But if one day my feet stopped, I'd rather go die

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Where the world reunites

Did you hear that?

The squeal calls soul

It resounded around here

Hug bu tightly from the back of the siêu xe so sánh that I can drive with peace of mind

Close together, we become a note in the tuy vậy of life is singing

Take you đồ sộ Lung Cu, immense mountain slopes sitting quietly

Take you down đồ sộ Ca Mau cape đồ sộ know each other's love

Hug bu tightly from the back of the siêu xe so sánh the journey stops empty

The nights are as white as the sand, the days are yellow lượt thích broccoli

The sun rains, the young days aren't flat

I just want đồ sộ walk with you on the long way

Go with bu đồ sộ the kết thúc of the earth

To taste love without using honey

I don't live proudly, or don't have đồ sộ bow

Come on honey, if you hesitate, it'll be dark

I take you đồ sộ where few people pass

Where the thin, curved moon is far away

Where the stars aren't nestled behind the roof

The place đồ sộ put my back down isn't heavy of the yestetday

Curves lượt thích your lashes, straight lines lượt thích the bridge of your nose

There are short ways long ways, who can guess where đồ sộ go?

I'll take you all over, let our hair gray because of the dust

There are hard times, we are so sánh tired that we carved it into the roots

Come with bu, and temporarily forget the future

Now it matters đồ sộ me: your hair is long

Your lips are deep, your eyes are lượt thích morning mist

Go as far as đồ sộ know who I love

Let bu go with you

Where you go

Go đồ sộ a more beautiful place

Filled with passion

I forget the years

Love is gone

Need more wine smell

And delicious food

Because the day of wandering is still long, we don't pull the throttle very deeply

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Because the legs and the road surface are inherently not far apart

Because the leaves fall, the dew stagnates, the rocks are motionless, and people go

So the hair is green, the blood is still hot, what is the point for lying down?